Andrew Mitchell

Drew and I put in a couple shoots on a local Victoria mountain to put this edit together. Check it!


Darcy Turenne Edit

I've been sitting on this footage for a long time. We shot the first summer bit of this almost 2 years ago and the wintery rainy stuff over a year ago. Anyways, check it out!


iXS/Roger rinderknecht

Just wrapped up this edit with Roger Rinderknecht. Day 1, we shot at the infamous Post Office jumps in Aptos, California. The following day we shot slalom practise and qualifying at the Sea Otter Classic Dual Slalom. Roger qualified 7th but was edged out and ended up 9th overall. He's over in South Africa right now for the first World Cup of the season and just qualified 2nd behind Jared Graves in the 4X. Let's hope Roger can pull off a great finish in South Africa to start off his year!


IXS/Darren Berrecloth shoot.

Amazing athletes come and go but for someone to leave a permanent mark on the sport takes someone special. Darren Berrecloth is just such a person. For almost a decade he has been a major fixture in the mountain bike world, redefining impossible time after time. When he first started showing up in video segments, it was unlike anything anyone had ever seen. Things that were barely ridden before Darren would now 360. Few people have pushed the sport and changed it as much as The Claw.
I have to admit that when iXS asked me to shoot something with Darren I was nervous. This is one of those things that shooters dream of - an opportunity that few get. I gotta say, I love my job.


Taipei Show

I got back from Taipei about a week ago. I was over there with the boys at Pinkbike covering the Taipei Bike Show as well as visiting a few factories over there to shoot some "How it's made" kinda videos. For the last weekend we were there we managed to take a few days off and get down south to Kaohsiung to do some riding with some local boys. Check out the video below.


Tara Llanes Doc. Trailer

This project has been a learning experience for me in so many ways. I met Tara in October 2009 after a mutual friend introduced us. The next day we started filming this project. We're about 14 months into filming it and still have so far to go. There have been many setbacks, challenges, injuries, and so much recovery time. The struggle to get this far has been immense. Here is the trailer we've put together. We finished this about a month after we met and it represents an earlier direction. So much has changed since this and so much has evolved. We're not sure where this project will take us but it is certain to be quite the ride.


West Coast Weather

On the west coast we're able to ride year round. That is to say, IF you're willing to get wet you can ride year round. Riding in the rain provides some unique challenges, filming it a whole different ballgame. This edit was shot in some mucky wet, sloppy west coast weather. Pouring, soaking, chilly, fresh rain.


Dean Tennant/Dunbar Cycles edit

Dean Tennant and I put out our first video together last month. It was really well received and we both had a good time making it. We decided to start off 2011 right with another edit. Dean had one idea in mind. Bigger, better, faster, rowdier. Check it out. Let me know how you think we did.


Dean Tennant - Off Season Training

It's been a couple months since I shot much. Last thing I shot was Project Gold and with everyone around here wrapping up exams and whatnot for the semester there aren't many riders available this time of year. I decided it was time to search out some new riders. I'd heard the name before, but had never met Dean Tennant. I shot him a message to see if he'd be interested in shooting and he responded in the affirmative.
The shoot started out with little concept. I just wanted to shoot some fast riding. We spent the morning shooting his own private trails, I went home and put together a cut that I was pretty happy with. I showed a few people and the response was less than stellar so I called up Dean and we scheduled round two of shooting for the next day.
I got little sleep that night as I put everything away except for a pencil and paper and emptied my brain out onto the sheet. I struggled to come up with ideas to make this video stand out as something a little different. This is what we came up with.

Dean Tennant: Off-Season Training from Aaron Larocque on Vimeo.


I ride for Nick's Eyes.

Well it's been a about a month and a half since my very good friend Nick Moore was diagnosed with a disease that would take his eyesight. One eye was gone and the other was certain to go with it. In a desperate attempt to save his eyesight, Nick called upon the help of the mountain bike community to help him pay for a surgery that might be able to stop his good eye from worsening. After countless donations, t shirt sales, and contributions from companies that support Nick, and some that have little to do with him, Nick got what he needed. In early November, Nick went into surgery and all went well. All went better than we had hoped and Nick's eyesight is returning. Nick is a powerful influence in my life of what a person should be and what a friend should be.
Nick's eyes are an example of what happens when a community comes together to take care of one of their own. Many people put in time, money, support, prayers, promotion, attention and love to save Nick's eyes. I am grateful to be a part of that community and so is Nick. We love you, Nick and we're glad we could help!

Here is Nick's emotional thank-you to everyone who helped him keep his eyesight.


Blast from the Past - Crash compilation

Well it's been a while since I've shot anything new so here's a video of my best friend getting rowdy. This was shot probably 6 years ago or so. Boy has riding changed a lot in 6 years.


I ride for Nick's eyes.

Nick Moore is one of the best people I know. He's the man behind Demon Dirt. I met him in April at Sea Otter in California. He's one of the most excited passionate, positive people I know and I've had the privilege of meeting up with him at various events throughout the summer. He's just been diagnosed with a disease in his eyes that is causing him to go blind. His left eye is nearly entirely gone and his right is sure to follow if he doesn't get it operated on. He needs a procedure done very soon to save what's left of his vision. Demon Dirt is selling limited edition jerseys to help Nick pay for the surgery. Spread the word and help him out.



I've done enough flying this past year to last a few lifetimes. I've spent nearly 150 days out of town so far this year. I had visited Thailand and Taiwan in January, another trip to Taiwan in August,I but this would be my first time in China. I went to shoot carbon manufacturing, to see the folks that make uber high end road bars and forks. The process is somewhat like paper mache only with really expensive paper. Now the downside of the trip was that I only spent 2 days in China. I spent the same amount of time in transit to and from China. It was a whirlwind trip to an amazing country. I'll go back someday I'm sure. Hopefully next time I'll be there long enough to spend a few days as a tourist. For now, I'm just glad to be home.


Tara Llanes Classic 2010

The Tara Llanes Classic, in it's fourth and biggest year yet went off last weekend to raise money for the Tara Llanes Road to Recovery Fund and the Reeve Irvine Research Center. 160 racers turned out to battle it out for a spot on the podium and to help out a good cause.

For those of you who aren't familiar with Tara Llanes, she is a professional mountain biker who was injured in September of 2007 and left a paraplegic. Tara's attitude and determination serve as inspiration to thousands including myself. I first met Tara about 11 months ago. A mutual friend knew Tara was looking for a videographer for a project she had in mind. I came out to the Tara Llanes Classic last week at Northstar in Tahoe to document the event. Take a look and see what the event it all about! Keep an eye out for more stuff from Tara and I in the near future!